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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Elsa Lila Photo 1

Elsa Lila - Singer, Actress, Presenter
Born 1981 in Tirana
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Elsa Lila
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Elsa Lila is a citizen of the world. At first glance, her identity card describes a girl born in Albania and raised in Italy, but talking about just dual nationality does not do her justice.

At 25 years old, Elsa is already a cosmopolitan, due to her numerous experiences abroad – from the United States to China, going through Europe, above all Italy– as well as to her boundless personality. An artist at 360 degrees, Elsa is capable of passing smoothly from the theatre stage to singing, thanks to a unique artistic gene she possesses.

Elsa’s father was a singer of the former Albanian State Choir, her mother a violinist. Her parents raised her on theatre and music, nourishing in her a strong passion for the arts and an exceptional talent which flourished quite brightly. The young and extrovert girl of today has been on the limelight since her childhood, as she owned the spotlight in the Albanian State Television shows. From there, her career was a continuous and precocious success surprising the public and music experts worldwide. While in her teens, she won the Albanian National Song Contest two years in a row, followed by many experiences abroad where she has always drawn attention and admiration.

She owes her success to a rare voice and an extraordinary stage presence, but also to her exuberant and straightforward personality. Having already participated at the Sanremo Festival Youth Contest in 2003, Elsa is ready to return to the Ariston Theatre to unfold her talent and her accomplished artistic maturity.

Objective: to promote herself artistically through a particularly involving song entitled “The sense of life”, music by Maurizio Fabrizio and lyrics by Guido Morra. Elsa will readily touch our hearts with this piece, as we have learned to expect from her remarkable performances.
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She takes courses of singing and acting.

1996 Winner of the Albanian National Song Contest (corresponding to the Italian Sanremo SongFestival) and winner of the Public Award through televoting.
1997 Again Winner of the Albanian National Song Contest and winner the Public Award through televoting
1998 Winner of the Varna International Song Contest (Bulgaria), 14 countries participating.
1998 Runner-up at the “Voice of Asia” International Song Contest, Kazakhistan, 17 singers participating.
1998 Elsa Lila represents Albania at Lisboa Expo 98 holding a concert.
1999 Elected “Albanian Singer of the Century” by the national poll of the Albanian State Radio Television.
2001 The President of the Republic of Albania Rexhep Mejdani awards Elsa Lila “Ambassador of the Albanian Music in the World”
2002 She takes part at Destinazione Sanremo (RAI 2) passing through all phases of selection.
2004-2005 She moves to New York where she works as a photo-model for various magazine covers. In New York she exhibits herself at the famous Avery Fisher Hall singing at the presence of the American State Secretary.
2006 Guest of an important television program at CCTV, the National Chinese Television, singing the programme jingle in Chinese, as she prepares her new discographic debut.
2007 She takes part at the 57th Sanremo Song Contest with the song “Il senso della vita” that precedes the album coming out at springtime.
2007-2008 She hosts Albania's National Song Contest (Festivali i Kenges RTSH 46, 47)

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