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Monday, December 12, 2011

Arsim Salihaj SIMA Photo #1

Arsim Salihaj aka Sima - Singer, Rapper
Born 28th February 1982 in Peja, Kosovo

photo credit: private
Sima was born on 28th of February 1982 in Kotradiq of (Peja). Sima began his schooling in Baran for two years then interrupted schooling and migrated in Switzerland (Sursee LU). Sima continued his education in Switzerland.

Arsim always liked Hip Hop music, so with his friends who also lived in Switzerland formed the group named Firespins who performed break-dancing. In the meantime he left the band and devoted his time and energy to his personal career.

Arsim made his nickname called "Sima" and at the end of 2005 he took part in LU (Best Battle of the Jam in 2005) where he gains the best price and awarded with (Golden Mic). He then recorded his first song in cooperation with the RID group at (Infinite-Records) which was called 50 Cent, with which he got ranked in the first place in the website

Sima then forms his own professional studio in 2007 as well as the group with Luan Zeqiri - Mad Lion as (Madlionentertainment). This company creates some songs and also the third album of Mad Lion.

After this period, Sima got activated as an Event Manager in Switzerland and currently coordinates some Albanian artists.

In 2009 Sima decides to take a next step and leave the company Madlionentertainment. Sima now works as an event-manager, in medicine and also performs as a solo artist in collaboration with the famous label of Arbasound and also with Bardh Latifi where right now he is working on his new songs. In the near future he is planning video clips for these songs and currently collaborates with BIG production.

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