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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blerta Gace Photo #1

Blerta Gace - Singer, Professional Dancer
Sister to famous albanian singer Aurela Gace

photo credit: unknown

Born in Albania during a time of political unrest Blerta found escape through a stereo and a tape filled with Turkish and Egyptian music one of her cousins had brought over from Greece.

She discovered her innate talent for singing and dancing at age five but a couple of years later decided it would be more pragmatic to trade in her dancing shoes in exchange for textbooks and set her sights on one day attending law school. A few years later Blerta realized she could no longer deny her true calling as a performer and started skipping school to attend her older sisters rehearsals at the University of Dramatic Arts in Tirana. She later went on to become the first professional Albanian belly dancer earning respect for an art that was hardly recognized at the time. Leaving Albania at age fifteen, Blerta moved to the United States and after a few years to New York City and attended both the New York Film Academy and the famed Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.

Blerta Gace is currently residing in New York City, on the verge of launching an international entrance into the music and performing scene, with the help of such famed producers as Darko Dimitrov and Genc Prelvukaj, collaborating with the best, she is storming and brewing up a big world debut. Aside from her music and performing, Blerta has also been honored by having her portrait "Holy Sin" by photographer Minush Krasniqi up for auction in Berlin, Germany. Through all of her blessings, Blerta credits her positive way of life as a major source of fuel, sending light to the universe is her motto and also a lifestyle she has adapted.

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